School Information

Logging-in to FireFly

What is firefly?

We expect to be setting tasks through Firefly in the event that the school building has to close or students
have to self-isolate and learn from home. You may have already noticed that many of your daughter’s
homework tasks have been set and collected through Firefly this year. As a user of Firefly, you will also be
able to see any tasks your daughter is set. We would ask you to support your daughter in accessing these
tasks, keeping up with her school work and preparing for her exams.

How to get onto firefly:

You can log on from your PC, Apple or Windows laptop, tablet or smartphone. There is also a “firefly for
parents” app which you can download to your phone to make receiving notifications even easier.
The address you will need to log onto the Parent Portal is Please don’t miss out
the ‘gx’ part. Once you reach the website, click the green button that says “logging in for the first time?
Activate your account”. You will need to use the email address that the school has on record for you
otherwise you may experience login difficulties. If you do not receive an email after trying to login for the
first time, then please check your spam/junk folder.

If you are using the app then you will need a school code. The code is: stmarysgx

If you need further assistance activating your account go to and if you have any further questions regarding firefly and its use at the school then you are welcome to contact Mr Cox at