CORI Programme

CORI Programme

What is CORI?

What to call a programme designed to stimulate curiosity, collaboration, creativity, resilience, innovation and problem solving? The surname of the first women to receive a Nobel prize for medicine, Gerti Cori, and an inspirational female of our time, of course! Our STEAM based curriculum enrichment programme aims to build Creativity, Organisation, Resilience and Initiative from our youngest to oldest girls.

Her legacy lives on – an inspirational female inspiring the next generation of female leaders, business women and success stories.

What is our Objective?

Using outcome-based teamwork projects, our innovative CORI enrichment programme, at St Mary’s School, Gerrards Cross, aims to build key life skills so that our girls leave us with both the knowledge and skills to help them stand out against their peers as they go through life. In an ever-changing world, this unique programme develops skills that employers will look for in years to come. Our focus is on more than the academics.

Our children leave us with the skills and knowledge to allow them to succeed.

How do we help girls build these all important skills?

Projects are varied and aim to build a wide range of skills using different technologies and techniques. Vertical groupings mean that students mix with peers from across our Prep department – building relationships and leadership qualities. And the result? Our girls are letting their St Mary’s spirit shine through! Confidence and resilience, ‘I can do this’, is becoming a mantra and failure is seen as a stepping stone to greater innovation and success. What employer of the future would not want such skills?

Modules include, but aren’t limited to, Knexx, Lego Robotics, Community Champions – spreading cheer around Gerrards Cross, Stop Motion Movie Making, Forest School, Business and Entrepreneurship, Leaders Quest and Eco Poetry.

CORI really is our girls’ favourite time of the week!