Our Aims and Values

We take our Aims and Values very seriously. They are at the centre of all that we do in School and we constantly review our practice to ensure that we are meeting them.

We are committed to providing an excellent education in a caring, happy environment, where each girl develops self-confidence and achieves her full potential.

We aim to provide: 

  • A stimulating, well-balanced education which will challenge and excite our pupils, encouraging them to strive for excellence and leading to the acquisition of skills, independence, self- discipline and academic success
  • A framework of support which enables all our pupils to achieve their individual potential and to develop personal confidence and self-esteem
  • The encouragement to grasp the opportunities which society offers and, as responsible citizens, to take their place in the world with poise and assurance
  • A value system based on tolerance, which recognises and affirms the religious and cultural diversity of our pupils
  • High moral standards in a Christian ethical context which reflect the School’s Anglican foundation and promote an awareness of the needs of others
  • An active partnership with parents and the local community