Learning Support

We are firmly of the belief that learning support is the responsibility of every teacher and classroom assistant and so our approach is holistic and thorough.

At St Mary’s we consider each student as an individual and so we tailor Learning Support provision to each learner’s unique needs. We support students with a variety of learning differences to achieve their full potential; these include dyslexia, dyspraxia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, hearing loss and mental health issues.

We have considerable in-house expertise with two Specialist Teachers who are also Level 7 qualified Specialist Assessors with SpLD practising certificates. This enables us to provide relevant expertise and to draw up effective Individual Provision Passports (PP), with SMART and achievable targets. Additionally, our Learning Support Team delivers regular training to all teaching staff and holds frequent meetings to discuss individual needs and strategies.

The Learning Support Team offers a warm and welcoming environment for learners to seek support. The highly qualified members of staff work with each learner’s class teachers to help raise her self-esteem and to empower her to recognise and celebrate her personal achievements. Our staff use their wealth of experience and knowledge of specific learning needs to help students to understand their skills and their learning differences well enough to become confident, independent learners.

To plan the best way forward for an individual’s support, an Individual Provision Passport (PP) is drawn up, in consultation with the student, teachers and parents, as well as using information from any assessments. The student’s own voice and opinion is very important to the process and we will look to identify each student’s learning preferences to help inform her provision and subsequent differentiation recommendations.

In the Prep Department, learners can benefit from in-class support, small group sessions or individual sessions dependent upon each individual’s requirements.

Students in Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) are invited to attend a club called ‘CAKE’ (Cognitive and Kinaesthetic Education), as an additional support lesson on their timetable.

CAKE is a block of small group support sessions, based on identifying a host of suitable multisensory learning strategies, in a fun and engaging way, whilst provision in Key Stage 4 and 5 tends to be on a one-to- one basis. Students are also able to access ad hoc support at regular drop in sessions; there is always someone here to help.

Where necessary, and where appropriate evidence has been gathered, access arrangements for examinations are applied for and put in place.

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Learning Support