Little St Mary’s – Nursery and Reception

What Makes Sm Special

Little St Mary’s – Nursery and Reception

Welcome to Little St Mary’s where your daughter’s happiness and well-being is at the heart of all we do. When your daughter joins Little St Mary’s in Nursery, or Reception, your family is joining a welcoming, friendly, community who works together to achieve some key objectives for your daughter: 

  • To instill a love of learning from a young age, by making every minute of every day fun! 
  • To understand her as an individual – what type of learner she is, her hobbies and interests, her pastoral needs and her strengths and areas for improvement. 
  • To offer a tailored experience every day to ensure she exceeds her potential and finds her St Mary’s Spirit, helping her individuality shine through. 
  • To maintain an open and honest two-way relationship with home to ensure your daughter has the best possible experience 
  • To equip her with the skills and confidence to prepare her to move up to our Prep School to continue her learning journey.  

You only have to look through the window, or step inside our purpose-built setting, to feel the happiness and enthusiasm radiating from our girls. The varied curriculum, including Forest School, French, Swimming and Ballet, allows girls to immerse themselves in a wide variety of activities every day so that they explore the world around them whilst building a range of skills to allow them to exceed their potential.

St Mary’s offers girls an education up to the age of 18. There are many benefits to being attached to the whole school. From having older students to aspire to (all the way up to Year 13!), friendships with girls from all year groups, access to facilities and specialist teachers from right through the school and, a comforting familiarity at every point in her journey through St Mary’s. 

We place great emphasis on kindness in Pre-Prep, and right through Prep. Our girls learn what being kind means, and how to be kind. They consider whether everything they do is kind in actions or words. They are taught to understand what it feels like to be kind and for others to be kind them. It is a common occurrence to find girls looking after each other in the playground, reading books to each other, or helping each other with work. And, every girl in our community loves looking after new students – their passion and enthusiasm for their learning environment, combined with their kindness, gives our girls an innate want to help others to settle in. It makes for a very easing transition to St Mary’s for those joining us. 

We would love to invite you to have a look around and experience Little St Mary’s for yourself – arrange a visit.  


What do our parents say?

“The kindness and nurturing ethos that is woven into every strand of the girls’ experience during each day they spend at St. Mary’s really is something special” – Reception Parent


“The Warm and friendly environment makes Little St Mary’s feel like a home away from home” – Reception Parent

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