Forest School

Forest School encourages…

Free play in a woodland environment

Risk taking and management

Exploring a healthy range of emotions through hands on experiences

Building or enhancing resilience that will enable continued creative engagement and allow girls to exceed their potential

Forest School is a transformational learning process which aims to promote the holistic development of all children. It will offer children the opportunity to build and develop self-esteem and confidence through hands-on experience, taking manageable risks and experiencing new ways to accomplish tasks within the outdoor environment. Its ethos is based on the importance of respecting children and their ability to experiment, investigate and develop curiosity in the world around them.

Forest School is based on the process of learning through unplanned, child-initiated learning opportunities. Children are given the encouragement to direct their own learning and risk taking. Therefore it is required that the Forest School Leader facilitates children’s learning, following each child closely through detailed observations in order to meet their unique needs as they grow within their learning journey.


At St Mary’s, each one of our girls, is unique and valued, and is inspired to embrace every learning opportunity.

We encourage the girls to:

• play as a community
• nurture compassion and resilience
• develop their self-esteem and become knowledgeable
• be driven by their own passion for appropriate risk taking and challenges.

The value of outdoor play and learning, moving around, explore the woodlands around us and connecting to nature, is highly important as it supports the girls’ mental health and wellbeing. In doing so, your daughter will be feeling relaxed and ready to engage in her learning within the classroom environment.



What makes St Mary's special?